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10/19/12 Varsity Football vs Nashville        slide show

10/25/12 Varsity VB Regional Title        slide show

10/27/12 Varsity Football vs. Mt. Carmel        slide show

11/3/12 Columbia Super Sect VB and Football        slide show

11/12/12 Varsity Girls Basketball vs Alton ...        slide show

11/16/12 Girls Varsity Basketball        slide show
CHS over Greenville

12/18/12 Boys varsity basketball        slide show
CHS over RBud 50-48

12/26/12 Boys Basketball        slide show
WHS vs CHS Freeb/Col Hol Tourn.

1/8/13 Boys Varsity Basketball        slide show
Pack the Place C vs. W

2/14/13 Girls Basketball vs. Freeburg        slide show

2/18/13 Girls basketball vs Mater Dei        slide show

4/10/13 Girls soccer        slide show

4/20/13 Monroe County Baseball Tournament        slide show

9/12/13 JV & V VB        slide show

11/20/13 Girls Varsity Basketball        slide show

12/20/13 Varsity boys basketball vs Freeburg        slide show

12/26/13 Varsity boys basketb vs Hillsboro        slide show

12/27/13 CHS v WHS        slide show

1/14/14 Boys & Girls basketball        slide show
Pack the Place game.

2/20/14 Girls basketball win vs. Althoff        slide show

5/30/14 Waterloo Baseball Regional        slide show
WL over COL 3-1

11/22/14 CHS Girls Basketball vs Triad        slide show

12/26/14 Boys Basketball vs The Evil Empire ...        slide show

2/18/15 Girls BB WHS over CHS        slide show

3/30/15 Softball Waterloo vs. Columbia        slide show
W over C 9-4

5/27/15 Columbia SBall over Freeburg        slide show

6/1/15 Waterloo SB over Columbia 9-8        slide show

8/29/15 Freshm FB WL @ COL        slide show

9/14/15 Jr H BB WL vs COL        slide show

Sept. 4 2015 Var. FB WL vs COL        slide show

10/31/15 Columbia FB over B Central 21-20        slide show

11/7/15 CHS FB vs Mater Dei        slide show

11/28/15 Varsity Basketball vs Wesclin        slide show

12/17/15 Girls basketball WHS vs CHS        slide show
WL overtime win 55-51

12/28/15 Boys basketball Waterloo vs ...        slide show

12/30/15 Boys V Basketball over Triad        slide show

1/12/16 V. Basketball WHS v CHS        slide show
Boys and Girls-Pack the Place

1/20/16 Boys Varsity Basketball vs B. East        slide show

1/23/16 Boys Basketball vs B. West        slide show

2/2/16 CHS Boys Basketball vs CM        slide show

2/4/16 Boys Varsity Basketball over Breese ...        slide show

2/12/16 Varsity Basketball vs Carlyle        slide show

2/15/16 Girls Varsity Basketball vs Freeburg        slide show

2/26/26 Boys Basketball vs. The Evil Empire        slide show
Columbia over Triad

3/1/16 Varsity Basketball CHS vs WHS        slide show

3/4/16 Columbia wins Regional        slide show

3/9/16 Boys Basketball vs Centralia        slide show

4/1/16 Varsity SB WHS vs CHS        slide show

5/28/16 Waterloo over CHS, wins regional        slide show

9/2/16 Varsity FB WL v COL        slide show
COL over WL 27-10

9/8/16 VB CHS over WHS        slide show
25-18 25-11

9/30/16 Varsity Football over Freeburg        slide show

10/7/16 Varsity Football over Central        slide show

10/14/16 Varsity Football over Red Bud        slide show

10/21/16 Varsity Football vs Jerseyville        slide show

10/27/16 Reg VB final Chs over Whs.        slide show

10/29/16 Columbia over Greenville        slide show

11/5/16 Varsity Football vs Canton        slide show

12/9/16 Varsity Boys Basketball v Wesclin        slide show
Wesclin wins 44-41

12/17/16 Girls Basketball CHS over WHS        slide show

1/10/17 Pack the Place basketball        slide show

1/21/17 Boys basketball v McCluer        slide show

1/6/17 Boys Varsity Basketball v Central        slide show

Jr H Basketball Col over WL        slide show
Cahokia Conf Championship game.

1/27/17 Boys basketball v Okawville        slide show

5/25/17 Varsity BB WL over COL        slide show

9/1/17 Football WL vs COL        slide show

9/7/17 Volleyball WL v CHS        slide show
CHS wins 25-18 25-20

9/8/17 Varsity FB Col over Salem        slide show

9/15/17 Varsity Football v Wesclin        slide show

9/29/17 Var. Football vs Freeburg        slide show

10/6/17 Varsity FB over Central        slide show

10/13/17 Varsity FB v Red Bud        slide show

11/14/17 Varsity Girls Basketball CHS v WHS        slide show

11/29/17 V Basketball WL v COL        slide show

12/15/17 Varsity and JV Basketball vs ...        slide show

12/27/17 COL Basketb Tourney        slide show
Waterloo over Val
Civic over GIbault
Col over Freeburg
Marq over Waterloo

12/28/17 Columbia Tourney day 2        slide show

1/9/18 Pack The Place WHS v CHS        slide show
Boys and Girls

1/17/18 Boys basketball vs St. Marys        slide show

1/30/18 Boys Basketball vs C Memorial        slide show

2/2/18 Boys V Basketball vs Mascoutah        slide show

2/9/18 Varsity Boys Basketball v Carlyle        slide show

2/26/18 Boys Basketball CHS over WHS        slide show

2/28/18 Boys Basketball over CM        slide show

3/2/18 Col Regional Win over Marq        slide show

8/24/18 Varsity FB Col over Masc        slide show

8/25/18 C vs W Alumni FB Game        slide show

8/31/18 WHS v CHS Football        slide show
Col 48-WL 20

9/28/18 Varsity FB vs Freeburg        slide show

10/12/18 Varsity FB vs Red Bud        slide show
Columbia wins 44-7.

10/27/18 Col Football over Freeburg (again)        slide show

11/14/18 Columbia Girls Basketball v N ...        slide show

11/21/18 Varsity Basketball vs Mascoutah        slide show

Blue Jay Football Championship        slide show

Varsity Basketball WHS vs CHS        slide show

12/6/18 Varsity Boys Basketball v Granite ...        slide show

12/26/18 Freeb-Col basketball day 1        slide show

12/28/18 Col Freeb Tourney Day 3        slide show

1/4/19 Col Boys basketball v Central        slide show

1/25/19 Varsity Basketball vs Okawville        slide show
Col wins 62-59

2/12/19 Var Basketball v Wesclin        slide show

2/5/19 Varsity Basketball B & G        slide show
Pack the Place game.


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