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Question   Hello!
Hey Bob! This is Jessica, the girl you shot your first official Senior Portraits for. I love the collage that you made me and all the little extra steps you took to make my experience great. I look at your work everyday, considering I have my pictures of me hanging on my wall lol thanks again, even though it has been awhile!

- Jessica Williamson January 04, 2012

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Question   Great Photos
Hi, Bob! I love the Gibault Sound of Music photos you took. Judy delivered my pictures yesterday and I love them. When you told me you were at the play and took photos I jumped right on it. When we are ready for family photos we'll be sure to contact you. Thanks! Tina Grawitch - Waterloo

- Tina Grawitch May 10, 2011

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Question   Thanks so much!
Bob, Thanks so much for all the great action sports pictures! I have them all framed and cover the walls of our basement! Everyone comments on how amazing they are.

Also, Brian's senior pics turned out great! LOVE THEM! You and Judy made Brian feel so comfortble and he had a great time taking them! Thanks so much for everything! Lisa

- Lisa Schaab January 15, 2011

  Answer Judy and I had a great time also. Thanks so much for the business, it is appreciated!

- Bob Haentzler  January 16, 2011

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Question   Family Photo Session
Our family session was fabulous! Pictures turned out GREAT! The session itself was fast, easy, and painless. We all thought it may be a challenge with a 1 year old but it went great! Great family pictures as well as pictures of all the girls for birthdays and even Senior pictures! We had a good time and got fabulous family memories from it! Thanks!

- Janeen Michalak August 10, 2010

  Answer Judy and I had a great time and the kids did great.

- Bob Haentzler  August 16, 2010

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Question   Bob's Gallery
It was a real pleasure meeting you and your wife. I had to view your gallery as soon as you left my home. I just want to say that you have a great talent. Your work speaks for itself. I can't wait to see your senior portrait work, as you begin adding it to your site. Once again, it was a real pleasure to meet you.


David Croan
Reflections Studio
Belleville, Il

- David Croan February 27, 2010

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Question   Senior Pictures
Bob is true professional and is so talented. My daughter's senior pictures are AMAZING! Pictures were taken through out Forest Park in St. Louis....including pictures at the hidden waterfall. I would recommend using Bob for any occasion and special moments in time.

- Sally Weyhaupt November 13, 2009

  Answer Judy and I really enjoyed working with Jessica. I'm glad we started early to get the golden soft light. It can be a challenge to get people to understand that sports photography is not all I do, so thank you for passing the word. Working on high school portraits allows me to be creartive and that has really been satisfying.

- Bob Haentzler  November 14, 2009

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Question   photos
Thanks for the photos of our son over the past year. Your pictures are lasting memories for our family to enjoy. We look forward to buying more.

- Scott Snodgrass October 25, 2009

  Answer I am glad you like the pictures so far. Thanks for letting me know. I plan to keep on shooting sports pictures and I am now branching into high school senior portraits. I am fortunate that the school allows me access to the field. I try and take my pictures but also stay the heck out of the way. I mentioned to one of the football players the other day, "if you see the play coming at me and I have the camera up to my face, feel free to save my life". We both got a chuckle out of it. Again, thanks for the kind words, and feel free to pass the word that I also enjoy working with the high school students for senior portraits.

- Bob Haentzler  October 25, 2009

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Question   Boy's Baseball
I loved the photo you tok of may son. The quality was excellent and the service was exceptional. I ordered photos on Monday and received them by Thursday. Thank you.

- Donna S. May 20, 2009

  Answer Thank you very much. I am certainly enjoying myself. I get the best seat in the house and I just love photography. If I can assist you with any Senior photos for your son, just let me know.

- Bob Haentzler  September 13, 2009

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Question   Thanks for the memories!
Bob, we can't thank you enough for capturing some of our favorite memories of athletics for our family in basketball, baseball, and soccer! We tell everyone about how easy it is to sit back and watch the games knowing that you will have great photographs that are easy to purchase online!

- Deb Clinebell May 13, 2009

  Answer Deb: I am certainly enjoying what I am doing while having a front row view of the action. Not to mention having a blast. I plan on continuing my sports photography, and possibly expanding into high school Senior Photography in the future. Thanks for the business and passing the word to your friends.

- Bob Haentzler  May 13, 2009

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Question   Boys Basketball
Bob produced some wonderful action shots of our grandson Chase Clinebell that I'm thrilled to have.
Looking forward to more!

- Betty Dowd February 17, 2009

  Answer Thanks for taking the time to comment about my services and I am glad you like the pictures of Chase. Spring sports are upcoming and I will be continuing my photography work.

- Bob Haentzler  February 17, 2009

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Question   Girls Basketball
Thanks for all of the pictures you have taken of Jessica this year. It is wonderful to get her in pictures this basketball season since she is a senior this year. Keep up the good work. You do a wonderful job.

- Sandy Hollowell January 27, 2009

  Answer I appreciate your kind words and I am so glad you are pleased with my work. The senior year goes by quick and I hope the pictures you have purchased help to document her senior year as a basketball player.

- Bob Haentzler  January 27, 2009

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Question   Wrestling photo
Thanks for getting that perfect shot of our son pinning his man during his match! We've not accomplished a good picture yet, so thank you for making these pics available for purchase.

- Tami Riddle January 26, 2009

  Answer First of all welcome to my website. I am glad you liked the photo. I thought it turned out well. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. That was my first wrestling match and I really enjoyed it.

- Bob Haentzler  January 26, 2009

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Question   photos
Bob, we really enjoy your photography! Basketball is a very difficult sport of which to get decent action shots. So we really appreciate you taking these photos and making them available to purchase!

- Lori Dillenberger January 21, 2009

  Answer I am so glad you liked the pictures. I will be continuing to take basketball action shots until the season is over, then I will be switching to the Spring sports. Thanks again for your purchase.

- Bob Haentzler  January 26, 2009

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